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My latest novel - The Sator Square - is  a tale of fundamentalist extremism, 

brutal revenge and sinister international conspiracy - brought together

by an ancient code with a deadly new resonance   - Geoff Cook

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5.0 out of 5 stars

An engaging thriller

By worldly traveller on 18 May 2017

I thought this thriller was well-written and relevant to today's political and social issues in France and England, involving terrorism, fundamentalism, revenge, international conspiracy and to add to the mix, a secret language/code which ties the ritualistic murders together.

With the secret code, it reminded me a bit of "The Da Vinci Code" in some ways, but I felt this novel had a more contemporary, realistic feel to it which drew me into the story.

I think this book would make a really good film!


I couldn't put this book down. Excellent narrative, as the reader is taken on a journey across the globe. The characters are diverse, and the story line believable which adds to the suspense. Great book, well worth a read!!!

I found the plot fascinating and the concept that the motives behind acts of terror could be organised in such a manner, frightening. The characters - some larger than life - are well drawn and the story line moves along at a fast pace. This is one case where I hope fact is not stranger than fiction. A very enjoyable read.

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At the Hursley Park Book Fair I was asked to participate in a discussion session on writing techniques for the aspirant novel writer.  In doing so, I prepared a brochure covering a dozen of the most important pieces of advice that I have received from the professional editors who have helped me over the years. If you would like a hard copy, fill in the contact form. Otherwise, the detail was kindly reproduced on Natasha Orme's very interesting blog. You can find the  hints on http://www.natashaorme.com/ I hope you find it useful.