Welcome to my web site and to my latest novels, Deaf Wish, published in autumn 2019, The Last Rights, released in February 2021 and, more recently, in summer 2022, a humorous take on family feuds, Irreconcilable Differences.

Deaf Wish is a dark contemporary family drama, set in Wales, Northern Portugal and Spain's Costa de la Luz. A lonely old man tells of his family lives, the struggle for reconciliation with those he cast aside, and answers to the treachery, deceit and death which he now has to confront .

The Last Rights traces the life of a Holocaust survivor and her part in the largest crime and conspiracy ever perpetrated; the hijacking of a train carrying Nazi gold. Little did she calculate that her recollections would have shattering financial and international implications over seventy years later.

Irreconcilable Differences tells the story of the fathers of a couple set to divorce and an obsession to gain the upper hand as the reasons for the break-up come to light. Paper tigers may be harmless enough, but when they start to gain their stripes, innocent people start dying.

Geoff​ Cook