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Modus Vivendi

Sometimes the life choices we make and the simple necessities of making our way in the world detract from our natural bents and inclinations. I suspect that a wiser head might have seen the efforts of a nine year old boy in post-war Britain to set up a street library and local children's newspaper as a pointer to a possible career development.

Regrettably, such was not the case and the desire to plant a fertile imagination on a sheet of plain paper gave way to the ambitions of personal and professional objectives in other spheres. The silver lining in having spent a lifetime accumulating a sizeable collection of T shirts  in ventures extending from the UK to Spain, Portugal and Brazil is the access to knowledge and ideas invaluable to someone who wishes to put into words the characters and adventures I live with them whenever I sit down at the keyboard. These are the fruits of this labour thus far.

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Irreconcilable Differences

After tackling such a serious and detailed historic work in The Last Rights, it was somewhat of an antidote to pick a more humorous and comfortable plot based around London and, loosely, on individuals I have come across in the past. It was a pleasure to write and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did in bringing the characters to life.

The Last Rights - February 2021

An intriguing mix of fact and fiction joining together the closing days of the war in Europe in 1945 and events nearly seventy-five years later. The recollections of a dying Holocaust survivor have far-reaching financial and political implications. People in powerful positions have set a chain of events in motion. Rita Krakowski  must be found and silenced before it is too late.

For private investigators, Chas Broadhurst and René Marchal, what appears a straightforward assignment becomes a race against time to expose a cover-up seventy years in the making.

Deaf Wish - October 2019

A story of a man who left his wife and family for another woman in search of happiness, only to discover that his actions were to provoke a chain of events ending in death and heartbreak. Condemned to a solitary life in poverty, he is given one last chance to re-establish contact with his family - one last chance that is not all it appears and lead him to discover secrets of the past that bring him once more into conflict with those around him.

The Sator Square

Available as Hardback, Paperback and e-book - 

The Sator Square - is a tale of fundamentalist extremism,

brutal revenge and sinister international conspiracy - brought together by an ancient code with a deadly new resonance. 

Pieces for the Wicked

Written in my spare time between 2007 and 2010, Pieces is the story of a terrorist activist who, along with a group of ruthless colleagues, uses his expertise to launder and channel funds into efforts to further destabilise the Middle East. Posing as an influential corporate executive, but becoming more and more disillusioned with his motivation, our anti-hero sets about trying to collapse his corporate base and extricate himself from a life with which he no longer feels an affinity.

This first shot at a full length novel was edited by Mary Lynn Roby in the USA and published as an e-book on Smashwords.             

Painful Truths - 3 Act Stage Play

Painful Truths - a 3 act play that charts the story of two families in Portugal as the 1975 Revolution was underway and a snapshot, exactly ten years later. At the centre of the action is the fate of a child raised by one family, but claimed by another and the anguish caused by family feuds and mistaken identities. 

The original title of the play, The Barretto Reserve, was coincidentally the name of the Portuguese producer who was first approached to stage the production and the name changed at his suggestion to avoid any confusion. The play is currently being translated into Portuguese for submission to the National Theatre in Lisbon.  

The Last Chapter - 3 Act Stage Play

Following Painful Truths, the next play in the Bloodlines trilogy is The Last Chapter, the trials of a frustrated author about to lose his wife and who just cannot come to terms with the final pages of his latest work - a dilemma with fatal conclusions.

Pussy Willow is my first effort at a TV screenplay, the story of an old man who is reunited with his estranged family after thirty years and, in doing so, becomes embroiled in a scandal involving a French pharmaceutical company and its dubious international connections.

I once read that a book is here forever, available to enrich the lives of future generations. Well, maybe so, but I would not be pretentious enough to want to believe that anything I have written or may write in the future would achieve this objective. However, I do see my efforts as having one message for those whom I love. Having a dream and striving to realise the potential to achieve it is one of the fundamental strands of life and adds colour to the world and value to a person's appreciation of those around us and those we cherish.

Geoff​ Cook