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The Good Liar

April 5, 2017

A novel by Nicholas Searle that stands out amongst a host of titles that have lie, lying or liar in the title. It's had mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it immensely. Catch up with the detail on

Doctor Foster - second series

I couldn't pass the need to register my disgust at the quality of the second series of a story line which many enjoyed when the first series was released.  Here's the take I posted on the BBC web site.

'Sequels - like Marmite, aren't they? I suffered all five episodes and, quite honestly, you should not have bothered. I found the plot unrealistic in the extreme, the introduction of the new bit characters little more than gratuitous and the script - well, I felt genuinely sorry for the actors having to mouth all that trite nonsense.

You do something really worthwhile and then trash the whole concept with a badly conceived second series. Please don't tell me you are going to write another.'

I guess the BBC listened. There will be no more.

Ginny Moon

I dare you to read this novel as told by a young teenage girl with autism without shedding a tear in sorrow or frustration at the gut-wrenching crisis which Ginny finds herself in as she strives to rediscover the life she knew as a child. It is magnificently drawn by Benjamin Ludwig who deserves all the credit he has received for this debut novel. I am jealous of his extraordinary talent.

Kill The Father

I'm a keen fan of Audible and listening to books whenever the opportunity presents itself. This translation of  Sandrone Dazieri's novel, narrated by Cassandra Campbell. It's a classic thriller in the sense of two dysfunctional individuals struggling against the odds and, often, themselves to solve the case of a double homicide with very personal overtones. The plot is good - a little too long for me and should have finished fifty pages earlier - and gripping. Narration becomes a little grating at times, but it's a novel that's well worth a listen or a read.

The Nowhere Man - Orphan X

I'm a big fan of  Gregg Hurwitz and his tough guy, Orphan X series. The man with a special help line who is always one step ahead of his would-be agressors in his efforts to sort out other people's problems. It's a corny old theme, but Hurfwitz serves it up in a very fresh, easily digestable format and with Scott Brick's excellent narration, easy on the ear and not to challenging for the intellect.

The Son - Jo Nesbo

Another classic from the Scandinavian master story teller

Lie With Me - Sabine Durrant

Top of the class in the popular genre of psychological thrillers with 'lie' 'deceit' or something similar in the title. Sabine Durrant keeps you on tenterhooks until the ultimate act of revenge and cover-up is revealed.

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