The Last Rights - Due for Release in 2020

After eighty years, the Lisbon bank is finally closing the doors of its safe deposit facility. But before it can do so, there are boxes that have been locked since their wartime treasures and secrets were first secured. What they will reveal, few can predict, except for one dying old lady aware that in one box lie the diaries which she kept to record her life as mistress of a sadistic concentration camp commander. Rita Krakowski has witnessed a train of events which powerful influences seek to silence forever. Wrongs have been done that must be put right before it is too late. Who will have the courage to seek out the truth and perform the Last Rights?


I believed it was the perfect plan, a murder committed by somebody who never really existed, merely a figment of my fertile imagination. He was my creation, fashioned to perform just one deadly act, but somebody else has laid claim to him, branding him a dangerous traitor who must be stopped at any cost. With no holds barred to hunt him down, no prisoners taken, no-one would stand in their way. But how could they succeed? He didn't exist and the only trail they could possibly follow would lead right back to me. Somehow, I had to eliminate him before they discovered the truth and I became his next victim.

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Octogen - Work in Progress by Geoff

under the pen name of Kagla Neece

In the second half of the 21st century there is a new world order striving to deal with survival after a coordinated terrorist plot to destroy or contaminate seventy percent of the world's oil reserves. Now thirty five years on from the attacks, a coalition of nations have formed a new entity, INCOL, to preserve peace and Jack Freeman, a rank and file political deputy, is charged with special responsibilities for senior citizens in the London Area. What Jack learns is that plans exist to reduce the size of the population so that scarce resources can enable the fittest to survive. As the plans unravel, Jack is faced with decisions that not only conflict with everything he stands for, but also the revelation of  events in his early life about which until now he was unaware.

Projects in draft outline or partially written include the conversion to novel form of the pilot tv screenplay, Pussy Willow, a story of personal and commercial intrigue, featuring a man who whilst attempting to re-establish contacts with his estranged family becomes embroiled in 

Dead or Alive, a play which deals with the lives of two young radicalised extremists who have just committed a terrorist act and find refuge in a safe house with unexpected consequences.